Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Art Show

Hey, so its summer now and the lazies have begun.. but I woke up from it the other day long enough to put together a couple pieces for my town art show. Here you go
This one was inspired by Margaret Rutherford who played Agatha Christie's character of Miss Marple in a few movies. I was recently watching some and was taken by her character and the idea of an old lady with the spunk to get out and solve some mysteries.

This one wasnt inspired by anything

Have good summers everyone! :)


Kristen said...

No she totally looks like there's this point in the little mermaid where Ariel gets splashed (and ignoring the fact that she LIVES UNDERWATER) and she gets wet and kind of glares. I think. I can't find the screenshot, but this is kind of close.
Also, possibly I'm thinking of another disney princess.

Moral of the story?
Great drawings.

Kristen said...

(Also, I'm possibly just wrong.)