Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Alright. So this is my first real post since coming to Ringling. I've always been lazy so I was worried the trend would continue here, but for the most part I've been pretty good about getting my work done, especially when it comes to sketching. I never sketched from life much at all before I got here, but since I've been sketching pretty regularly a bit each day. Here are some of the better ones which I've compiled together on pages for easy viewing, and to avoid having to look at all the bad ones.
The first page were my first ones, done with a ballpoint pen.

Then i switched to a new pen, a fine Pilot Precise V7, which I think forces me to make more definite marks so there aren't as many sketchy, useless lines. I think it also just makes the drawings look better.

I'm in the concept and ideas club. I didn't know what I'd be doing, but it turns out they're giving us assignments or terms and we have to make work to illustrate that concept. The first one was the term "Evil Twin". We were split into groups and came up with an idea for how to illustrate that. In our group, I came up with the idea which was basically turning it on its end and saying what if someone evil was actually an evil twin and had a good twin. The result: Evil Hitler, and Good Hitler.

Our next project was to design a superhero only using silhouette. This is my superhero.

Yes. Toastman. The silhouette isn't actually that interesting at all, but our homework for the next meeting is to fill in the features so I'm working to completely appropriately redesign this character. Perhaps that will end up in a later post...
Lastly. For 3d design, we're doing a toy project where we must design and make a toy and its packaging. My idea is a crank jumprope toy. My idea is for it to look like a vintage toy. This is a sketch of the toy and the designs for the three little girls. Now I just have about two weeks to figure out how to make it work and build it! Yay!

Wow.. Ok that post was a lot longer and wordier than I thought it was going to be. I'll try to keep the talking to a minimum in the future and the artwork to a max. I will also try to update this fairly frequently with personal and school projects, and a lot of sketches. I'm thinking for my next post, I'll be showing a few of my more recent figure drawings. Please stop by often and leave comments and critique thanks! Here's to hopefully a great year, and a lot of improvement!

Monday, September 22, 2008

New Start

Ok, so I'm beginning a new year, my first year at Ringling to study animation. I figured I should start up this blog to show my new work and progress and keep everyone informed as to what I'm up to. Basically, I've just been beginning my foundation courses and don't have too much work to show there, but I started sketching since I've been here so I'll be able to show a lot of sketchbook drawings. This blog will probably consist of both school work and personal work, as well as projects I'm going to assign myself in order to keep on improving. Right now I'm working at hooking up my new scanner/printer so I'm finally going to update this thing either later tonight or tomorrow at some point. Yay!