Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So summer has begun now too and I'm working on a bunch of things. I'll try to keep this somewhat updated with what I'm doing. So far I've been sketching and working on a few stories. Here are two things I made for my town art show.

Sophomore Things

So to finish off the things from this past year. Here is my final assignment for Computer Animation this year, the Sit Stand. I had to make a character sit and stand. Here it is.

Adam Campbell Sit Stand from Adam Campbell on Vimeo.

Also here are three animatics I made during this year put together into a reel. The first two were assignments to show some event from someone's perspective and were supposed to involve some sort of magical or unreal element. The last was an assignment involving a character taking something from another character. Enjoy!

Story Reel 2010 from Adam Campbell on Vimeo.

Now it's off to bigger and better things! :)