Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm still kicking..

So our most exciting project for TA (traditional animation) is finally beginning! Up to now we've just been working out the basic principles of animation. My favorite things so far have been my exaggerated pendulum swing and my heavy and light ball redirections (sorry for the bad quality and lack of looping on the pendulum):

For our newest project however we were given an animal at random and had to design a character out of it who we will then be animating for the rest of the year. I got a dragon. This is Ned.

I had the idea for his character first and tried to really get that across in his design. I think I was pretty successful in that respect. Ned is an unsuccessful dragon. He can't fly or breathe fire like all the other dragons but that doesn't stop him from trying. He's overly optimistic, a little naive, and a lot lovable.
I can't wait to start animating him!

Aside from TA I really haven't done anything I'm all that proud of so I dont think I'll be posting any of it. I almost feel like I'm kind of just holding on now waiting for the time next year when I can start really focusing on making characters, stories, and animation full time.

Oh I have figure drawing too and thats pretty cool. The class is all gestures, and as soon as I start to put together my portfolio for that I'll try to put up some of my better drawings. I'm also going to try to post more often.. It's been a while.