Thursday, October 2, 2008


Ok so this is some in progress footage of my toy which is.. in case I haven't said.. a vintage type toy which is a turn crank jump rope game.

You can't see the detail very clearly there but here is a photo, of the girl on the left in the video. I had to put aluminum foil over her armature to build up her form.

This is a close-up on the girl on the right to better see her details. Facial details are going to be painted on after its baked.

Those are two of the three girls from the drawing in the last post. The third girl will be in the middle jumping over the rope and these figures on the piece of wood are actually going to be the top of a box which will hinge open and you can then store an actual jump rope in it! I have so much work to do on this still though and its due Wednesday. I'm basically devoting my life to it until then. I also have to design the packaging for the toy so i'm going to be making a box for it. This is a part of my design, the top of the box, also made to look 50'sish and vintage/retro. (Not the best quality)

I plan to do some drawing on my own and post that, plus some of my figures, but I'm so busy with this toy right now its all I'm working on. Expect a post when its finished and more posts about different things after that!

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Kristen said...

My friends were in here when I saw this post so I showed them a bunch of your work. They were very impressed.